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Hearing our way

Hearing Our Way is that point of connection. It is an opportunity for children and teens to not only read about but connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges. It provides social...

The Bedrock Literacy Curriculum

Introducing a new curriculum designed for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. This curriculum develops English literacy skills from a starting point that makes sense to the student who has not had...

Human Rights Watch - The Power of Sign Language!

Deaf children have a right to a quality education, like all other children, in a language and environment that maximizes their potential.
Human Rights Watch documented cases of deaf children...

Clerc Center Archived Webinars

Three Clerc Center webinars are now available for viewing at your convenience: Sharing Power: Practical Strategies for Power Struggles with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students, and parts one and two...


An online sign language resource - Study. Learn. Acquire! Includes an online ASL dictionary, a 'sign of the day', and information about sign language and Deaf/visual culture.

Deaf Students With Disabilities Network

This site is a resource for educators and parents of deaf and hard of hearing students with disabilities. The site includes discussion forums designed to promote information sharing and ongoing...

MDRL Quick Links - APPS for Learning

Here, you'll find quick links to apps categorized by category: Accessibility, advocacy, audiology, classroom tools, games, sign language, sign language dictionaries, and speech.

“I See What You Mean”: Visualizing English Grammar by Dr. Kristin DiPerri (VL2 Archived Lecture)

“Research on visual language and learning for deaf children continues to underscore the necessity for a pedagogical revision in the way we teach English literacy skills. However, there is often a...

Educational Audiology

This tutorial is designed to assist educational teams in understanding the importance of auditory access to sounds and information for D/HH students who use hearing assistive technology. It...

Tutorial: Bilingualism and the Brain

This tutorial provides a snapshot summary of the research conducted by Dr. Laura Ann Pettito and VL2 colleagues. It provides a sampling of the academic research and news articles that explain why...