Educational Audiology

This tutorial is designed to assist educational teams in understanding the importance of auditory access to sounds and information for D/HH students who use hearing assistive technology. It includes suggestions and tips for teachers on how to ensure optimal listening conditions in the classroom.

  • Introduction

    This is the introduction clip for the Educational Audiology! Tutorial. It provides an overview of the tutorial and audiological considerations that educators need to be aware of when working with D/HH students.

  • What is Hearing Loss

    This clip provides information on the impact of hearing loss for children.

  • How Hearing Supports Learning

    This clip discusses auditory access, and tips for teachers on how to help students with understanding and processing auditory information.

  • What Every Teacher Needs to Know about Hearing and Listening

    This clip looks at speech sounds, and how listeners understand and hear speech messages.

  • What a School Day Sounds Like

    This clip explores what a school day can sound like for a student who is Deaf or hard of hearing, and factors that can impact learning. The link below (What children hear in a noisy classroom) is referenced at 4:01 in the video. Please use this link to access the classroom noise recording sample.

  • Improving Hearing and Listening in the Classroom

    This clip provides suggestions to reduce classroom noise and improve the ability for students to hear the teacher in the classroom environment.

  • Understanding Rate of Speech

    This clip provides information on how the rate of teacher speech can affect the ability of students who are D/HH to hear and understand classroom information.

  • Amplification Technology

    This clip gives information on the use of amplification devices to support hearing and listening in the classroom.

  • Cochlear Implants

    This clip provides an overview of what a cochlear implant is and how cochlear implants work.

  • Classroom Auditory Distribution Systems (CADS)

    This clip speaks to how classroom auditory distribution systems (CADS) work in a classroom, and tips for teachers when using this assistive technology.

  • Personal FM Systems

    This clip provides information on the benefits of having personal FM systems for students who are Deaf and hard of hearing.

  • Is the Technology Working

    This clip discusses information on how to determine if technology to access auditory information in a classroom is working properly.

  • Oticon Amigo FM System FAQs

    This clip gives answers to frequently asked questions on the Oticon Amigo FM system.

  • Phonak Inspiro FM System FAQs

    This clip gives answers to frequently asked questions on the Phonak Inspiro FM system.

  • Phonak Zoomlink+ (SmartLink or EasyLink) FM System FAQs

    This clip gives answers to frequently asked questions on the Phonak Zoomlink+, SmartLink or EasyLink FM system.