Tutorial: Interpreting Matters

This tutorial is designed to assist educational teams in K-12 settings to support Deaf and Hard of Hearing students who use educational interpreters to access education and social interaction.

  • Introduction

    This is the introductory chapter for the Classroom Interpreting! Tutorial. It provides and overview of the tutorial and considerations that educators need to be aware of when working with D/HH students and an interpreter.

  • Deaf Education and Choices: Interpreted Education and Direct Education

    This clip provides information on direct education and interpreted education. It explores the myths of interpreted education as well as factors of student readiness for an interpreted education.

  • Research on Mediated Education

    This clip outlines a study done by Dr. Russell exploring Deaf children and working with interpreters.

  • What is an Interpreter?

    This clip explores what it means to be a sign language interpreter - the education of an interpreter, the realities of interpreted education, as well as how interpreting can be more effective in the classroom.

  • The Role of an Interpreter

    This clip addresses the question "What is the role of an interpreter?". It speaks to preparation interpreters need from the classroom teacher, how the classroom setup can best support an interpreter, and interpreting outside of the classroom.

  • How Do I Work With an Interpreter?

    This clip outlines strategies for teachers to work more effectively with interpreters in the classroom.

  • Interpreting Audits and Classroom Strategies

    This clip includes useful information on how to perform an audit of your classroom, and strategies educators can then use to adjust practices.